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Associate Professor at Michigan State University and author of
                          Outsiders at Home: The Politics of American Islamophobia

                  “Secrets of Divine Love remedies my deepest existential dread by
                  reminding me of my inherent worth as a being that is unconditionally
                  loved. It pulls from common as well as less known sources, providing
                  evidence to quell the mind and soothe the heart. The carefully curated
                  content strikes deep emotional chords. I find myself irresistibly falling
                  in love with God and Islam.”

                                     —MAHYA  S H AMAI
                                     Multidisciplinary Artist

                  “Secrets of Divine Love is a gem! It’s relatable and readable for those of
                  us who consider ourselves ‘faithful,’ those of us struggling to feel so,
                  and everyone in between. In the language of sweetness and compas-
                  sion, Helwa walks us through the journey of connection back to the
                  love of Allah.”

                                     —LEIL A  ENTEZ AM
                           LMFT, MBA, Emotional Intelligence Thought Leader

                  “The author’s work has a special way of speaking to the heart. This
                  reading offers exceptional spiritual nuances  on  the core of Islamic
                  belief and practices. More than ever, we are in need of content
                  like this that shines a luminous light on a faith that is frequently

                               —S EYED  MAHD I  AL-QA SWINI
                         Educator at Islamic Educational Center of Orange County

                  “A marvelous book that gives a sound grasp of this great religion and
                  nourishment to the heart we deeply need. This book is a source of
                  majesty and beauty.”

                                  —D R .  FAWZI A  AL-R AWI
                      Author of Divine Names: The 99 Healing Names of the One Love and
                         Founder of the Center for Feminine Spirituality and Sufism
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