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the spark of life into us and plants in us a longing to experience these
               truths for ourselves.”

                                    —NUR A  L AIRD
                   MEd, Professor at the University of Sufism, Chair of the Department
                     of Spiritual Peacemaking, Mediator, Sufi healer and Counselor

               “I am simply entranced by Helwa’s metaphors and insights. The bulk
               of her sentences are poetry in motion and studded with pearls of wis-
               dom. Fragrant with beauty. Many of the sentences are musical. You
               can rap with them. Enchanting! The creative way Helwa has integrat-
               ed her heart knowledge into her understanding of Islam is stunning.”

                               —IMAM  JAMAL  R AHMAN
                  Author of Spiritual Gems of Islam: Insights & Practices from the Qur’an,
                  Hadith, Rumi & Muslim Teaching Stories to Enlighten the Heart & Mind

               “Secrets of Divine Love is the product of A. Helwa’s earnest search
               for truth and meaning. It is also her invitation to us, the readers, to
               see what she has seen. This is a fascinating book that offers various
               profound insights and a vision of Islam—and indeed the Divine—that
               many readers will surely find enlightening and uplifting.”

                                —M O H AMMAD  KH ALIL
                       Professor of Islamic Studies at Michigan State University

               “Secrets of Divine Love opens with one word: ‘Love.’ This word appears
               and reappears, until the reader comes to understand only a fraction
               of the ways that God pours His light on them. Helwa guides the
               reader  through  a  spiritual  journey,  highlighting  aspects  of  Islamic
               spirituality, practices, and tenets of the faith. This book serves as a
               contemporary primer on Islam, and blends passages from the Qur’an
               with reflection and discussion prompts for the reader. One regularly
               is flushed with examples of God’s compassion, kindness, forgiveness,
               patience, and comfort. This is simply a wonderful book, written with
               care and precision, weaving us into God’s beautiful tapestry.”

                              —D R .  NAZITA  L A JEVARD I
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