Page 11 - Secrets of Divine Love
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                      In the name of Allah, whose love made this book possible.
                      Blessings be upon the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, whose
                      gentle mercy has taught me how to walk in faith. I am
                      deeply grateful to all the prophets, whose examples help
                      guide me on the path of divine love. To Sidi, who taught
                      me how to hear the music of my soul. To my mother,
                      whose softness and prayers changed the course of my
                      destiny. To my father, who embodies what it means to be
                      a sincere and generous servant of God. To Amir, whose
                      kind heart and sweet soul teaches me how to love. To my
                      grandfather, whose spiritual stories fill the pages of this
                      book. To my family, who have always unconditionally
                      supported me. To my soul friends, whose wisdom and
                      love uplifts and inspires me. To my spiritual community
                      and in particular my teachers who taught me how to
                      love God and experience His unending peace. To the
                      hundreds of thousands of kind souls in our beautiful
                      online community, who taught me what it means to be
                      vulnerable and sincere. To my editors and designers, for
                      guiding this book towards its greatest potential. And
                      in the loving memory of Esmat, who embodied what
                      it means to be joyful, kind, and selfless. I dedicate this
                      book to all of you and to all the spiritual seekers seeking
                       the path of divine love and truth. All praise to God.
                                     ALH AMD ULLIL AH
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